Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NMG Trading OR Tambo Intl. Airport (FAJS) for FSX - V3.2 Patch

NMG Trading has released patch version 3.2 to Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport (FAJS) for FSX.

- Fixed the display distance of all objects so that they are drawn at shorter distances, thereby increasing frame rate.
- Added a photo real ground layer.
- Added grass to the airport.
- Redesigned the airport layout (AFCAD) file.
- Improved the detail to the aprons.
- Redesigned all the terminal buildings.
- Added the Sun International, Intercontinental and the Road Lodge hotels.
- Optimized all the buildings for better performance.
- Added the Gautrain station and rail link to the airport.
- Redesigned the access road around the airport.
- Improved the road network around the airport.
- Compatibility for Ground Services X added.

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